qualities of a hero

aj lee and paige being two little shits

Anonymous asked: Do you think the picture louis has on his nightstand is the first picture they took together? In the bathroom.. And still with Harry's signature? And every time he looks at the pic he always rememberes that moment and just smiles fondly 'cause that 16 year old boy is now his 20 year old boyfriend/fiancé/husband that sleeps right beside him..


I know you want a pocket-size Louis on your dash :3


get to know me meme: [4/10 Current Celebrity Crushes]

  • Tyler Hoechlin





hahahah how does stiles know what bb!derek looks like?

completely in character answer: Stiles looked up Derek in the old BHHS yearbooks

completely in character but more painful answer: he saw a photo of young Derek in Sheriff’s file on the…


Okay what annoyed me about this scene:

  • First off is that you can see Derek going around Braeden to get too Stiles in the first two gifs.
  • Secondly she then huffily steps between them and acts all inconvenienced that Kate trashed DEREK’S loft and that TWO OF STILES AND DEREK’S FRIENDS (if only her acquaintances) had been kidnapped
  • Thirdly she then snootily points out the obvious and is literally no help whatsoever.

(Also how did Lydia and Deaton get back to the clinic so fast? Also how the hell did she even wake him up in the first place?)

Salute feat. Teen Wolf ladies 
"Representing all the women, salute, salute."


get to know me meme: [4/10 Current Celebrity Crushes]

  • Tyler Hoechlin


the truth is out there


Punish the deed, not the breed.


Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale Promo (1080p HD)


sometimes I like to think that 5sos are making us think that they’re filming a mv for good girls when they’re actually filming a mv for rejects or social casualty tbh


JR mate, be a bit more careful with your wording ahahahaha