I’ve seen a few posts lately in which people have talked about how a scene that seemed good on the surface became something else when re-watching. Davis loves to do that — give scenes ironic double meanings once you look at them more closely.

For me, this is one of those scenes. It’s one of the key scenes of 3B, because this is the last time Stiles is Stiles until Nogi splits them in two. In hindsight, that fact is important.

On first viewing, this scene seems so full of heart — brothers there for each other. Look at the way they hold on to each other so damn tightly. It still gives me feels.

But on re-watching 3B, I noticed a really strong pattern. Every time Stiles is slighted by a person he loves, Nogi escalates in some way. So when the Sheriff disbelieves him about Barrow being at the school, for example, that’s the same ep we find out about the blackboard message.

I don’t know whether that means Stiles had some impact on Nogi’s arc, or whether it means that when the people he loves let him down it gave Nogi another chink to gain control. Either way, the pattern is there if you re-watch the season.

Right after this moment between Scott and Stiles in the hospital, Lydia screams, and Nogi takes Stiles over completely.

With that in mind, I watched this scene again, wondering what could have been a trigger in this moment, of all moments, that led into Stiles losing the fight.

And you know what? Scott never offers Stiles the bite. He never asks him to be pack. He doesn’t give Stiles a choice. He just says he’ll do something if he has to.

I know, I know it’s because Scott has internalised his hatred for being a werewolf and doesn’t think the bite is a gift. But nonetheless, if ever there was one, this is the moment to invite Stiles into his pack. And I hate to say it, but even Peter gave Stiles a choice about it when he made the offer of the bite.

When I watch this scene again, I see Stiles waiting, just wanting so much for Scott to ask. To love him enough to ask. Stiles has never hated werewolves, and I think Peter was right that a part of him wanted it, just not with Peter.

See the second-last gif? That’s him realising Scott isn’t going to do it.

So this is Stiles, waiting for Scott to ask. And Scott never does.

And that’s how Nogi gets in.

I’m generally instinctively resistant to…nowadays posts that I even remotely feel paint Scott poorly — I’m exhausted of reading negativity about him; I can see how Scott stanning becomes a thing — but I sat around on this one and I think you’re right here.

I don’t personally think it’s that he sees Scott won’t do it. The way I’m reading it is the resignation to total personally helplessness as the key thing.

Scott: Stiles, if you have it, we’ll do something.
Scott: I’ll do something.

'Doing something' versus 'doing nothing' are key phrases across the show. Scott didn't originally feel a need to do 'something' with his powers, Stiles is the one who planted the seed of Scott throwing himself into action whether he feels confident about his plan of action or not into Scott.


Stiles: Do you have any idea what’s going on? Lydia is totally M.I.A., Jackson looks like he’s got a time bomb inserted into his face, another random guy’s dead, and you have to do something about it.
Scott: Like what?
Stiles: Something


Scott: Yeah, but that was - I mean - Would you just stop? Please? What happened the other night, Stiles’ dad getting hurt, that was my fault. I should have been there to do something. I need you to teach me how to control this.
Derek: Look, I am what I am because of birth. You were bitten. Teaching someone who was bitten takes time. I don’t even know if I can teach you.


Stiles: All right, we have to do something.
Scott: Like what?
Stiles: I don’t know. Kill it, hurt it, inflict mental anguish on it. Something.

And, yeah, I think that the “I’ll do something” brought back exactly where I feel like their friendship fell apart in “The Overlooked”, when Scott left with Deucalion with the intention of finding his mom and Stiles’ dad but left Stiles behind with a twist up on the series’ usual lines…

Scott: I don’t know what else to do.
Stiles: No, there’s g… Scott, there’s got to be something else, okay? We always… we always have a plan B.
Scott: Not this time.


I completely agree on the bit where Stiles’ feels left behind by Scott and powerless. The way I’m reading it atm nogitsune!Stiles has all the power Stiles wants but zero control because his friends aren’t…er, ‘holding him back from becoming a monster like Peter’. (Show is show’s own meta?) 

So, agreeing your instincts are spot on but also thinking this is the point where Scott becomes willing to risk biting someone to save them, which he’s able to do next season although it isn’t Stiles.



There’s this exchange with Liam & Stiles:

Stiles: Liam, you’ve been a werewolf all of five minutes. You don’t have to do this.
Liam: I know I don’t, but I want to. There’s gotta be bigger chains, a bigger trunk or something. There has to be.
Stiles: Maybe…


We couldn’t ask them to portrait a physical relationship between them. It’d be too uncomfortable for them.

I’m a t h o u s a n d years old



#all i see is derek and stiles parenting   #like maybe their kid has done something that should get him grounded - in derek’s opinion   #stiles just finds the whole thing hilarious and tries his best to keep a straight and serious face   #because he knows he won’t get laid otherwise and while derek getting cross with him can be pretty cute an/or hot   #he knows not to push derek’s buttons when he’s being (over)protective of their kids   #so when derek looks at him all grumpy and signals him to say something   #to back him against his (already chastened) kid   #stiles clears his throat and tries not to think about how he’s mostly not followed the conversation in favour of staring at derek’s face   #and contemplating how gorgeous he looks when he’s all concerned and in super dad mode via (hellasterek)

Sterek spoilers Stiles and Derek being parental together is the most important also here they are again in a warm lit sunshine glowy scene together talking about powerful anchors talking of powerful talismans and things you can use to keep yourself grounded let’s not even talk about Derek’s expression like ‘c’mon you //know// this stuff’ 'i've told you this stuff' ”i’ve DREAMED of you about this stuff’ and all i’m saying is that it’s super interesting that no matter which way you try and swing it Stiles and Derek have this connection often unspoken all in the eyebrows i know you better than you want me to thing that has been missing all season SORELY MISSING??? but it’s still there no matter how much time passes and how little interaction they have they still have it and i’m just saying it might go unspoken forever in canon but it’s there that Derek puts great store in anchors in using what he knows will keep him grounded and here he is talking about it al again with Stiles right there sitting casually beside him almost like he doesn’t need anything else to keep him grounded because he already has the anchor he needs and it’s not anger anymore idk i just think their conversation topics are FOREVER the most interesting on the show bye  (via felicitysmock)



Bloody Derek & Stiles

Notice how Stiles is always covered in someone else blood….while Derek is covered in his own.



A lesson in eyefucking from Stiles and the hot door guard.

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Scott and Stiles + in sync





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Can we just appreciate that John smacked Prince Harry’s royal ass 

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